Fishial Challenge is on!

Join us in our quarterly open contest!

Enter now to help us build the most accurate fish ID technology to recognize all fish species around the world.

About the Challenge:

Upload and process as many fish photos as possible on our portal as a team or individual!

Win amazing prizes at the end of each quarter. One Grand Prize at the end of the year.

​​Prizes awarded based on processed​​ photo quantity and accuracy of ID

Sign up at:

Participants: The Contest is open to the public in general: divers, diving schools, dive pros, dive stores, dive clubs, snorkelers, underwater photographers, and amateurs all over the world are invited to participate in this contest.

Categories: Individuals or teams

Entry Cost: Free Entry!

How to win: Best Effort! The team and individual with the greatest
number of and most accurate Fish Pics poly-lined & tagged species
will win! Our system will automatically calculate the best efforts.

Prizes: There will be multiple quarterly prizes for best performers.

Ocean First Education short courses

Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation giveaways

– Amazon gift cards provided by Wye Foundation

Quarterly and Yearly Winners will be featured with honors on our Social Media!

Rules & Procedures:
-Participants must sign up at and create an
account to upload and process their fish photos.
-Participants can register as individuals and/or as part of a team.
Team leaders will invite registered participants to join their team.
-Teams names should have the following format:
challenge_TeamName e.g. challenge_DiveShopFL
-Tutorials are available in the portal when signing up!
-For more help, feel free to contact our team at

Image Submission Requirements:
-Photos must show at least one entire fish.
-Minimum resolution of 500×500 pixels.
-There is no limit on the number of photos that can be submitted.
-Photos do NOT have to have been taken in 2022. Photos prior to
2022 are welcome as well.
-Photos must be digital and the copyright must belong solely to
the entrant or with the owner’s permission.

Copyright Information: By entering this competition you grant a creative commons copyright for any noncommercial use with appropriate attribution
(CC-BY-NC). By entering the competition entrants grant the organizer a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license to use these images for a good cause: 1) building an annotated reference library of pictures to calibrate species-identification algorithms; and 2) upload them in biodiversity observation catalogs, databases, and archives (if applicable).
Media will be allowed to publish images entered free of charge for
the purpose of promoting the photography competition and (camera) angling in general, without express permission from the photographer.

The organizers will try to ensure all images used by the media are credited to the photographer.

Don’t forget to help us spread the word!
– Follow Fishial on IG @fishial and share your favorite pictures in
Stories and feed using #FishialChallenge2022. Tag us and 3 other
fish lovers. 
– Don’t forget to tell your friends about the competition. Good luck
and give it your best shot!

Follow 3 simple steps to start participating:
1. Create your account at as individual.
2. Enter as an individual or create a Team and invite others to join.
You may also be invited by an existing Team Leader to join in.
3. Click on “+ add images” on the right upper corner to start loading
and processing your fish images. Watch our tutorial for guidance.
You are ready to win the Challenge and to support the Fishial cause!
If you have any questions you may check our documents, tutorials or
write us an email at

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